I never thought I would be a watch girl until I actually needed one.  When Seth bought me my birthday watch I couldn't have been happier and now I have a new goodie to add to my collection- the Jord Ely watch!

Jord watches are seriously so cool! They are very light, so they do not weigh on your wrist whatsoever and there isn't an outfit they don't go with; who doesn't need something like that in their life??

Another cool thing about Jord-- all of their watches are made of wood, which makes for a natural look and feel to your wardrobe.  You can shop all of Jord's watches here or by using the widget below!

Womens Wooden Watches



Soludos is arguably one of the best espadrille brands out there and I am sold.  A few of my co-workers own some and they love them!  They are super comfy, cute, and an all-around great shoe for the spring and summer.

I, however, have yet to own a pair and I know they will be my next shoe investment.  Lucky for me, Anthro sells a few pairs that I can get with my discount, or I may get a pair from Nordstrom with a gift card.  Here are a few styles I really like!

You can find all of these styles at Nordstrom and few Soludos styles at Anthropologie!

Are you a fan of espadrilles?  Have you tried out Soludos?


Health Challenge Update

So far so good everyone.  Ever since I started my health challenge, I have been feeling so much better!  I am much more awake, I don't break out as often, and I just feel good.  I am also finding that I really, I mean really, love salad-- it is kind of addicting actually!  That said here are a few ways I have been getting healthier...

1. Salad:  When I started this challenge, I wanted to eat a lot better, and I have.  I have a salad almost every day and am now choosing it over sweets even-- I know crazy right?  The salad I like to eat is a spinach and romaine salad with Parmesan and croutons.  It is really plain, but oh so delicious!

2. Water:  Lots of it.  I hardly drink anything other than water now.  I just don't find anything else satisfying and getting a lot of water puts me in a much better mood.  I do occasionally have a latte if I am really tired, but, generally, I stick to water.  I also really want to try a fruit infused water sometime-- they look so yummy!

3. I Work Out:  Okay, so not quite yet, but I did get the running shoes for this summer and I can't wait.  I am kind of nervous, but it will be good for me, given that I don't die or faint while we run haha.

Are you joining me for the health challenge?  How has your health been lately?



While I was reading How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, I got to the section about a timeless essential.  It is different for every woman, but to that woman, it is something she can wear with anything, any day, any time.

This got me thinking, what is my timeless wardrobe piece?  I then realized, I don't think I have one.  I love my Mini Mab, but I don't associate it with Hunter Thiers, and I have quite a few favorite pieces of clothing, but I can't wear them everyday.  

So, now I am on the hunt for the perfect timeless piece-- it should be understated, go with everything, and look great no matter what!  Here are a few things I am thinking of...

 watch/jean jacket/sneakers/lipstick/hat/bag

A good leather bag, a pair of sneakers you can wear with almost any outfit, or a cute hat-- any of those I know would be items I would use all the time; however, I also really like the jacket too, and I need a new one!

I also love the watch and the lipstick (which I already own).  Both go with everything and are items I would use every day. 

What is your timeless signature piece?


Summer Shoes

Now that it is getting warmer, it is time to bring out the summer shoes!  For me there are four pairs of shoes I wear all summer long-- wedges, mules, sandals, and espadrilles.

Each of these styles are comfy, can be dressed up or down, and never get too hot on your feet.  You can also find a lot of these shoe styles at Nordstrom Rack, so they tend to be very budget friendly too!

I also want to mention the Soludos pictured above.  They are a good price point for a good shoe (a pair ranges from 35-65).  On top of that, there are so many different styles, so you can choose whichever pair you think you would wear the most!

What are your favorite shoes for the summer?


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