Why I Love ban.do

Quality, affordable, fun-- three words that describe everything I love about ban.do!  In recent years, ban.do has really come out as a popular brand for the girls that want something a little different, but at a good price point.  I am happy to say that I now own a ban.do planner, which Anthro carries, and I could not be more in love.

Besides the fun sticker sheet and girl code throughout the planner, the organization is great for those who don't want the clutter of a to-do list and notes page for every date.  I like to have things plain and simple, and this planner is perfect.

Other features I love include the important dates page at the beginning of the planner, the notes page at the beginning of each month, and the monthly layout.

Here are a few other ban.do products I want to scoop up!

Are you a ban.do fan?  What are your favorite products?


Just Fishin' Around

t-shirt/pants (c/o but similar pair here)/sunglasses (c/o but here is a similar style)

Back in January/February I found these fun pants at Anthro and I just had to have them.  One little known fact about me is that I love fish!  I actually have a goldfish that I saved from a fair.  His name is Marlow and he will be coming to NYU with me in the fall!  These pants remind me of him, so I always call them my Marlow pants.

But, let's talk about this t-shirt though.  This is, of course, another Anthro buy, but it is so necessary for any woman's wardrobe.  The t.la t-shirts come in so many different colors, are affordable, and there are literally a million different ways to style them! 

Do you have a fun pair of pants?  How do you style your essential tee?


Cincinnati Eats: Sleepy Bee

Brunch is one of my favorite things ever and, up until now, the places I really liked to go were in NYC; however, my friend Abbey showed me this great little brunch place in Oakley called Sleepy Bee.

Sleepy Bee is a locally owned and operated, farm-to-table style cafe.  They feature a breakfast and lunch menu all with fresh items from locally sourced farms.  Using locally sourced produce, dairy, and grains makes everything taste better and everyone feel better.  My personal favorite menu items include their buttermilk pancakes and their lavender latte-- it is such a treat.

 Featured above: the famous lavender latte and the special of the day (Thursday), Tiramisu pancakes!

Another reason I love Sleepy Bee is the vibe it gives off.  Everyone who eats and works there is always in a good mood and the atmosphere is buzzing (yes that was a bee pun), making it so much fun to sit and eat your meal.

If you are ever in Cinci, I highly recommend checking out Sleepy Bee



One thing I never can convince myself to buy is jewelry.  First of all, Seth always gets me jewelry and secondly, it seems to be last on the totem pole as far as my wardrobe money is concerned; however, I have been trying to break that habit.  Now, I'm not saying that it is totally reasonable for me to just spend, spend, spend, but I think adding jewelry to my wardrobe instead of more clothes or, god forbid, shoes, is probably a good thing.

Lucky for me, Anthro always has a great selection and this piece caught my eye...

The one piece of jewelry I could convince myself of buying is a necklace because I actually have very few.  I wanted something quirky, but still dainty and feminine, and this bauble seemed to be the perfect fit!  I cannot wait to get it in the mail! 

What piece of jewelry are you looking to add to your collection?


Shoes of Prey

While searching around Nordstrom's website, I cam along a really cute pair of Mary Jane style shoes and said to myself, I need to know that brand.  The brand is called Shoes of Prey and they actually don't design shoes.  Yes, that is right, they do not design shoes, but guess who does... YOU!

Shoes of Prey is an online shoe company dedicated to helping women create their dream shoe at a reasonable price.  My first thought, they probably don't have tons of selection, but boy was I wrong.  They have so many materials, patterns, and shoe styles to choose from!  The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few shoes I created in their design lab.

Okay, so the Dorothy inspired heels are amazing, but lets be real, how much could I really wear those with (knowing me, I would find a way because they are so gorgeous).  However, I am thinking I may save up to buy the first pair because how can you go wrong with such a classic style.  Plus, the materials are great and each pair of shoes is made BY HAND! Can it get any better?

To design your sole mate, you can go here and to learn more about Shoes of Prey, click here

If you design a pair let me know!  I would love to see it :)


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