New for Yoga

Since I finally found a workout that is good for me and that I enjoy doing, I decided to invest in a new piece of workout wear.  Of course, my immediate thought was Anthro because of my discount, but my friend brought it to my attention that they don't have great workout wear... sigh :(

Not a huge loss though because it would have still been expensive with the discount, so I went to investigate Lu Lu Lemon.  Same story-- too expensive and just not what I was looking for.  Don't get me wrong, I love Lu Lu Lemon, but am not a huge fan of the price, so I hardly ever buy stuff from their store.

Still trying to find the perfect piece, I decided to try Free People and Urban (I get discounts there too).  Urban had some cool pieces but nothing I loved and a lot items I did like were excluded from my discount; however, when I went on to Free People it was a totally different story.  They have great active wear and I went with an awesome bodysuit I can wear for dance and yoga!!

Long story short, check out Free People's Active Wear.  They have a great selection especially if you love yoga!

Where do you buy your workout clothes?


Learning a Language

I have always wanted to learn another language (other than Latin, which I took in high school... it doesn't really count anyway haha) and now I am finally taking the time.  A few days ago I picked up the Teach Yourself French course at half price books for only 16 bucks, which isn't a bad price for learning a language at all!

I am not very far in the course, I only know general conversation and the obvious bonjour, au revoir, however I do know I am on the way.  Ultimately, I want this to get me prepared to study abroad because I really want to study in Paris and NYU has a great theatre course there through one of their global sites.

Another reason I want to learn French, it is so important to know another language no matter what language it is.  It makes you a well rounded person and, who wouldn't love to have another language down fluently!

So, for now, au revoir!

Are you studying a language right now?  What languages do you love?


Book Review: Enchantment

I try to have a few books to read over the summer, and this summer I chose Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn.  Many of you know I love Audrey Hepburn, so this biography became an instant favorite.  Her life was amazing and she was such a beautiful person.  

I especially have loved learning more about her life before fame-- she went through so much and it totally shaped who she became!  Overall, she is even more inspiring to me than she already was!

So, if you are looking for a good read, you should definitely think about getting Enchantment!

What is your favorite summer read? 


Something I Do in My Spare Time

If I had any sort of artistic drawing talent or could sew like it was no one's business, hands down I would have chosen to major in fashion design.  I have always loved expressing myself through fashion and the idea of creating my own pieces and seeing other women wear those pieces, wow, just wow.

Maybe one day that will happen (lucky for me, Seth might go into design), but for now I have started curating a monthly fashion guide.  I am not super artsy, but there is something about cutting out inspirational pictures and perfect pieces of clothing, and getting them down on paper that is so fulfilling.  Collaging also helps me focus my own wardrobe for the month, so that I don't go out and buy new-- instead I rewear and restyle the great pieces I already have.

Here are a few pictures of my collage for the month of July.

This month I really focused on white out-- really popular at Anthro and Madewell right now-- as well as a vintage feminine look that has been making its way back into modern day style.  I always look to Audrey Hepburn for those vintage inspirations of course and all of the a-line skirts right now are screaming Audrey!
Do you collage?  Any bloggers out there going into fashion design?  What are some of your favorite styles this month?


The T-Shirt Every Woman Needs

I don't know about you, but I have a very difficult time finding t-shirts that a) I like, b) that last, and c) that go well with everything.  What a surprise, Anthropologie has the t-shirt I was looking for and at a very reasonable cost-- even without my discount...the t.la tee (here is a link for the sale colors as well)!

full price top                            sale top  

These t-shirts are comfy, have a great fit, and, as far as I can tell, will last a very long time. Side note-- I have heard many customers and coworkers say they love their t.la shirts because they have a good lifetime!  Another tid bit about t.la shirts, they are made in America, which is very hard to find nowadays. 

So, if you haven't gone and tried a t.la tee on yet, I definitely recommend you do so.  And, go crazy and try a funky pant or skirt with it-- it is always good to get a little out of your comfort zone with fashion :)

What is your favorite tee? 


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