Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Converse Please

I was never a huge fan of Converse.  They always looked really big and clunky on my feet, and I just never saw myself as part of the "Converse" group; however, once I saw the new pull on style, I knew I needed a pair.  The pull on style of Converse is a little more feminine and really easy to wear.  They are the shoe that goes with everything and creates an easy look you can wear anywhere!  Here is how I would style my Converse!
Paired with a great pair of jeans and a fun graphic tee is the way to go with Converse.  It is such a casual, but still stylish look that anyone can pull off!
What do you think about the Converse trend?  How do you style yours?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Topshop Homecoming

TopShop Homecoming

In the past couple of months, I have noticed Topshop popping up a lot more, especially in the dress category.  What is great about Topshop is that they have pretty affordable dresses that are perfect for homecoming.  The other great thing, you can definitely use them again and again.  
I personally love the baby blue shift dress I found on their site.  It would be a great homecoming dress, but is still casual enough that I can get lots of use out of it later.  The floral peplum is a little fancier, but another great option for homecoming!
What do you think about Topshop for homecoming?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Five Essentials for Productivity

Last weekend, I was contacted by Kabbage-- an online company that provides small business loans.  Kabbage asked if I would be interested in writing a post on my top five essentials for productivity, along with some other bloggers.  I thought this would be such a great post for the blog, so here is a little run down of what helps keep me productive...
Kabbage- Five Essentials for Productivity

1. Journal: Having a journal is great for a variety of reasons.  For bloggers, like myself, it is great for jotting down inspiration for posts.  I keep one on me at all times (one in my backpack and one in my purse) so I can write down anything that comes to mind!

2. Coffee: Although I have tried to break my coffee habit, I just can't do it.  Now that I am older I need it to keep me going, plus I just love the taste.  Coffee is also a great way to take a little break while working, which is super essential to keeping me productive.

3. Food: Food, like coffee, is something I can't live without.  I am a snacker, so I constantly eat small bites throughout the day; however, this habit always helps me stay focused.  By eating, I can get a little break and also keep my energy up!

4. Email: Having some sort of communication, for me, is key to getting work done.  I work on a lot of collaborations and with editing for The Undeniable Report, it is great to have constant, fast contact with our writers and CEO.

5. Breaks: Last, but not least, breaks are an essential for my productivity.  I am not one of those people who can just sit down and study or do homework for long periods of time, so I usually take a short break to give myself some time to relax.  Breaks always leave me feeling refresh and ready to get more done!

What are your five essentials for productivity?


Friday, September 26, 2014


This start to the school year, as most of you know, has been really crazy for me, but I think I am finally getting settled in.  My classes are becoming more of a routine and my SAT studying is close to it's end-- I take the test in a few weeks, so fingers crossed I do better this time around.  Falling into a routine has made everything so much easier.  The only thing I am still getting the hang of is timing out my homework, blog, clubs, and SAT studying perfectly.

Sometimes it doesn't work out, but I am slowly getting a better estimate of how much time I should be spending, and on what.  So far blogging has gotten better because I have been able to block out time before I go to bed to write, but I definitely need to get more inspiration; and I now know when I have time and when I don't to do homework throughout the day, so I know how early I should be getting assignments done.  It is honestly so relieving to have most everything figured out!

So, that is a little update on how school has been going for me; hopefully it will stay this organized!

Do any of you have something you want me to write about?  How do you keep track of your time?


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Boots

I think most of us can agree that boots are the shoe most associated with fall, and I can hardly wait to start bringing mine out again this year.  Currently, I own one pair of riding boots, Hunter boots, and a pair of high heeled black boots-- compliments of Seth's mom who couldn't fit in them haha!  I love all three pairs, however, I can't stop looking into getting a few more.  The two pairs of boots I really want to get are bean boots and booties.  In the past year, they have become so iconic and I would love a pair to style for the fall!  Here are a few of my favorite fall boots! 
Fall Boots


Suede is definitely making a comeback this fall-- not that it ever particularly went out of style, but I have noticed a lot more of it used this season, especially with boots.  I am loving some of the suede options above!

The navy tassel booties I have pictured are so great, and they are only $90, which is a pretty good deal for suede booties; and, of course, I love the navy bean boots from L.L. Bean.

What fall boots are you loving?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lusting Over This Tote

When I saw all the pictures from Kate Spade's spring collection, I was so excited!  I feel like Kate Spade always has amazing spring designs.  This year, they opted for a sporty, yet feminine look, which is a trend I am totally on board with.  Even though I loved all their items, I can't get my mind off of this cute tote.

 both images via Kate Spade

The heart tote isn't something I would normally be drawn to, but I am pretty sure I have to have it when it comes out this spring.  I don't know the price, but I have already started saving haha!

What did you love from the Kate Spade spring collection?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Peach: Sweeten Your Life in 9 Minutes

A few weeks ago, I got invited to join this great new app called Peach!  The slogan for Peach is "sweeten your life in 9 minutes", and it is so, so true.  If you don't know what Peach is, it is a shopping app that holds auctions on designer items such as Chloe, Burberry, Kate Spade, and tons more.  The catch is that you only have 9 minutes to place a bet on the item.  Once the auction is over the person with the highest bet wins, but they only have to pay the second highest price!

After trying the app out for a few weeks, I have most definitely fallen in love.  It is such a fun app to use, even if you don't win and when you do, you usually get a great deal; however, if you end up not wanting the item, you don't have to buy, which makes it a lot easier on all of us!


If you would like to be a part of Peach, comment with your email below and I can invite you, but I can only five people, so comment fast!

Are you a part of Peach? What do you think?


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mary Jane and T-Strap Trend

I am loving the Mary Jane and T-Strap trend I am seeing this fall.  They are seriously two of my favorite shoe styles because of their classic style and timelessness, plus they pair so well with the school girl look.  Here are a couple pairs that I am loving!
Mary Jane and T-Strap Trend


I also featured the Seychelles ballet flats because they definitely fit the bill!  I think they are so cute and great flats for fall!

What is your favorite shoe trend this fall?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anthropologie Picks

Anthropologie is one of my go-to stores.  I always make Seth stop in with me when I go to the mall because I just love being there!  The atmosphere is so comforting, unique, and, for some reason, makes me feel at home.  I also love Anthropologie's selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, and knick knacks.  They have such a huge selection and there is always some little hidden wonder each time I go to their store.

This fall, I am totally loving their new (and old, but still amazing) items!  Here are a few of my picks!

Anthro Picks


Aren't the ballet flats just the cutest?  They are perfect for the school girl trend this fall and would definitely be a staple in my wardrobe, thus I might be investing in a pair.

The hand lotion I picked is also fantastic.  I picked it up in the store a few weeks ago for my purse, and I love it.  The scent is amazing and my hands always feel so great afterwards!

Do you love Anthropologie?  What are some of your picks from their site?
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